A New Name For An Established Bank: Introducing Brickell Bank

MIAMI, FL – (July 27, 2015) – G. Frederick Reinhardt, Chairman and CEO, introduces Brickell BankSM, formerly Espírito Santo Bank. “We are excited to be rebranding following the Stock Purchase Agreement recently signed between the bank’s principal shareholder, and members of the Benacerraf family, Cohen family, and other investors,” says Reinhardt. Brickell BankSM, Florida-chartered since 1973, will maintain its headquarters and branch both located at 1395 Brickell Avenue, Miami, FL 33131. Service to clients will continue uninterrupted during the transition period. All telephone numbers remain the same, and the main number is 305-347-8300. The new website, including online banking services is www.brickellbankmiami.com. “We chose Brickell BankSM as our new name as it represents the vital and exciting history of Miami* and the location where development first took place, where homes, offices and towers rose from raw land to become the banking center of this multi-cultural city,” … [Read more...]

Nota Bene From Dindy

Writing is my passion along with reading.  What better way to keep you informed?  With a name like DindyCo our blog deserves a special title as well.  Latin is the root of the three wonderfully expressive languages used in my business – English, Spanish and French.  Therefore a Latin name is the obvious choice!  According to Webster’s, Nota Bene means to note well, a practice I strive to achieve on a daily basis.  Here I will share client news, book reviews, articles and interesting tidbits - visit often or sign up to receive pings when there's something new to read.  

Call or write just to say hi or share your thoughts ... Now for the news…

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I Hate Press Releases, By Jane Friedman

Blank Faces / Rommel Adao This is part rant, part advice. I don’t write this post as if my needs were everyone’s. But it’s frustrating to see authors AND PUBLISHERS—who probably have little time and resource to begin with—wasting their time by contacting bloggers (and others in the media) with dead-on-arrival press releases. Let’s back up for a moment. What kind of press releases do I receive? I receive announcements primarily about new books, new products, and site launches. I also get information about author-experts who are available for interview. When I say “press release,” I’m referring strictly to an e-mail announcement that is neither addressed to me personally (beyond an automated greeting line) nor is it seeking to serve me or my audience. It is looking to get something out of me: coverage on my blog or social network. Why are the press releases I receive typically ineffective? They are part of a huge and impersonal blast, hoping that a few hits … [Read more...]