MainLining Miami

Mainlining Miami, a weekly radio show aired on WKAT Classical 1360 AM in 2004. Hosted by Dindy Yokel, the half-hour show focused on all things Miami in six segments.

Dindy was joined each week for the Pampered Pet and the Cultural Corner by local experts, including Kathy Schliefert, owner of Aussie Animal Hospital, and the cultural partners of Artécity, among them the Wolfsonian Museum, the New World Symphony, and the Miami City Ballet.

Other notable Miami locals featured on Mainlining Miami included: Chefs Edgar Leal and Jeremy Williams, formerly of Cacao and The District Restaurant & Lounge, in the Culinary Corner; founder and CEO of Majestic Properties Jeff Morr in the Real Estate Review; Fashion Designer Julian Chang in Fashion Forward, and Henrique Vollmer, Vice President of Santa Teresa of Venezuela, in Traveling with Ron Santa Teresa.

Says Dindy of the experience, “I was surrounded by amazing experts in their given fields and a wealth of outstanding restaurants, cultural activities and more in Miami and it gave me great pleasure to share their knowledge, performances, and venues with Miami at large.”

So, how much has the Magic City changed since 2004? Tune in below to find out.


Mainlining Miami 07/17/2004

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